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Last update:  19 October 2021

The Global Nonviolence Network (GNN) is a list of organizations and individuals (many of whom act as official contacts for networks like IFOR, SERPAJ or WRI) that promote and/or teach nonviolence. The GNN is published here to assist those individuals seeking information and support from nonviolence organizations and to facilitate networking among people committed to nonviolence.

The list does not include the many action groups that use nonviolence.

The list has been compiled from many sources but is not complete: it contains 161 contacts in just 56 countries. You may find other nonviolence organizations among the affiliates of the international networks (by checking their websites) but sometimes these affiliates are issue-based and, while committed to nonviolence, may not be in a position to provide the type of support you require.

This list will be updated whenever I am advised of a change. If you know of additions, deletions or alterations, please send them to me at one of the following addresses or use the ‘comment’ facility above.

Robert J. Burrowes
P.O. Box 68
Victoria 3460

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